Despite an unusual year that saw the Heart Board benefit show fundraiser pause, the Aiken Women’s Heart Board donated $13,595 to the American Heart Association, bringing our total contributions to $2.5 million. Pictured from left are Advisor Ava Hammond, President Melanie Wofford, AHA Representative Kayla Kranenberg, and Treasurer Anne Kelty.

At the annual year end luncheon of the Aiken Women's Heart Board in March 2019, the board made a record donation to the American Heart Association of $134,500!  This brings total dollars donated by the AWHB to the AHA to more than 2.35 million dollars!

Many thanks to Jim Moore, Agnes Hobson and Jack Benjamin along with the Cast, Band, Crew, Etherredge Center team and the 45 members of the Aiken Women's Heart Board for making this possible.

And a special shout out to Eleanor Bookstaver, founder of the Aiken Women's Heart Board, who would be thrilled with this news and to whom we owe it all.